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What Are Introverts Like as Children? 7 Characteristics

Not all children are designed for socialization. Socialization must not be forced (what is usually done in school) or else the child will be pressured or stressed. Some kids thrive studying or working alone. “Most important, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert. It’s not a disease or a disorder. In fact, 30 to 50 percent of the population are introverts, making it a perfectly normal way to be.-Jane Granneman” Is your child an introvert?

4 weeks ago

Yanas Toyworld

5 year old HAP Kinder homeschooler launches her own YouTube channel. Watch as she creatively tells stories of her cute toys. Watch and subscribe here:

1 month ago

Homeschool Articles

Teachers’ Role in the Social Community

Roles of a teacher In community

1. contributor to the development of skills of the nation’s human resources
2. inspiration to the next generation of nation’s leaders

Examples from a past teacher

1) Teacher as a contributor to the development of skills of the nation’s human resources

My p.e. teacher in fencing is an example. I attended the basic fencing class in college. There Mr. Jimenez, a national team member, was the instructor. With his drills, I became interested in the sport. With his invitation, I joined the fencing club of my college school. With his coaching, I was able to perform well in the national opens that the Fencing Association chose me to as one of the fencers to represent my country. In the 1992 Southeast Asian Fencing Federation, I was able to contribute my victories in my matches leading our women’s team to garner a Gold Medal for the country. It was an honor to give honor to my beloved country. I felt like a heroine during that time. I was proud to be a citizen of my country and was proud to wear the colors of our country flag in my jacket.

2) Teacher as an inspiration to the next generation of nation’s leaders

Again my p.e. teacher in fencing inspired me to continue pursuing the sport of fencing. Right now, I am a coach teaching the youth in my fencing club. There I teach the basics of fencing and guide my students in competitions. It is now my turn to be a contributor and an inspiration to the next generation.

We as homeschool parents can do much more as developers of our countrymen, our children. We are the daily inspiration our children look up to, our children who belong to the next generation of leaders. Never forget that.

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