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Tips on Homeschooling 2

1. Use your child’s toys in presenting lessons. He will be delighted to listen.

2. Maximize the internet in providing audio-visual presentations of lessons. This is free and interactive. Your child will be more interested in the topic. Use online math games to teach math.

3. Let your child enjoy his childhood. Let him play. Don’t overload him with too much tests and assignments. He is a child only once in his lifetime.

4. Teach your child according to his/her learning style to be more effective. Observe is he/she loves music then use sounds in the lessons. If he/she loves pictures and videos, use them to integrate your lesson. If he/she is physically active, let him/her do experiments and hands-on activities.

HAP homeschooling is giving your child the freedom to be himself. No labeling, no bullying, no stressful tests and homeworks!

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