What HAP Parents Say
"Thank you for providing us a good service I truly appreciate it." - Mrs. Lawi-an of Dubai

"My daughter and I would like to thank you and the homeschool program for all of your help. This has been a fantastic and informative experience for us, and we wish you all the best." - Mrs Mahesh

"It has been a pleasure dealing with your school. All the best for 2018!" - Mrs. Menchaca

"Thank you HAP for your flexible US Program. My son is on his 2nd year with HAP." - Mr. Senoran

"For the start, we really have doubt about it and how things will work out, but as we progress and adapt to this new system of education, really I am so happy about it. Me and my wife is satisfied that we choose HAP to provide us the stress free education system for our son and an education system that any kids will love. My son just finished his Grade 1 school year 2016-2017"-Mr. Dulay

“The homeschool program was able to provide him continued education at a time when he needed less stress and pressure in his life” – Dr. Manalo, Alabang, Philippines

“Julianne is enjoying her preschool homeschool work.”-Mr. Domingo, Switzerland

“Although he admits he misses his classmates, overall he is happy with homeschooling.”- Mrs. Patricio, Bacolod,Philippines

"I would recommend homeschooling to everyone."-Ms. Pantaleon, Pasig, Philippines (Ms. Pantaleon's son, graduate of our Deped-accredited program, was admitted in a university in Loyola heights)

"Sa pagaaral gamit ang "homeschooling" ito ang natutunan namin ng mga anak ko, ang mag-aral nang may katuturan. Pinagaaralan namin ang mga bagay bagay na nakakatulong sa tunay na buhay at mga bagay na gusto nila. Wala kaming ginawa kundi magaral, mag-"enjoy" at galingan sa aspeto na yun. Ang "homeschooling" para sa amin ay pag-aaral nang may katuturan at patutunguhan. Natanggap ang mga anak ko sa isang unibersidad sa Maynila. Galing sila sa US Program" - Mrs. Alarcon, Cavite, Philippines
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Why I Don’t Regret and Why I Am Very Happy Homeschooling

Below are my personal reasons why I continue homeschooling my children under IAAP.

1. My children have a healthy self-esteem. Compared to their counterparts in school I can say my children display a healthy self-confidence. They are not afraid to talk to kids younger, older or the same as their ages. They are not afraid to talk to adults as well. At ages 9,10 and 11 they confidently line and order their food from fastfood counters. Other kids their age will still rely on their parents. They confidently can spar with adults during their fencing trainings. They have a healthy EQ. Other kids in school their age have insecurities due to the bullyings of classmates and even teachers themselves. Other kids I know near their age have even slashed their wrists due to insecurities. To them that kind of violence is far from their mind.

2. My kids strongly bear our family values. My kids do not curse nor say bad words. They inevitably hear such bad words from other kids but they clearly know that they are bad and not according to our family manners. They know what is right and what is wrong. And I will continue homeschooling them until highschool so that by college the values are deeply instilled in them so they won’t be swayed easily by evil. I instill in them a personal relationship with God thru encouraging them to always pray, read the Bible and do acts of love.

3. We are able to make financial savings. Because of homeschooling I as a mom can manage our finances well. Not spending too much money on expensive schools, uniforms, projects, shoes, school bus and other unnecessary expenses not related to real learning. Instead I was able to invest in interactive online lessons, interactive gadgets like pc tablets and computers, musical instruments, sports like fencing lessons and equipment and family activities. I instill in them abundance/prosperity mentality and let them enjoy life and God’s blessings instead of training them to be stingy and being financially limited in life.

4. My kids enjoy the company of their grandparents. At first my parents were not in favor of homeschooling. But when they were able to be with their grandchildren always (even in school hours and school days) they began to see the benefits. They are able to spend more time with my kids. After studying my kids can visit their grandparents and spend leisure time (pasyal) and dinner with them. Sometimes my grandparents take them to field trips like going to Tagaytay, Pampanga, Bicol, Laguna and other interesting places. My parents are always happy when they get to spend time with my kids. If they have gone in school, those opportunities will not be possible. Those irreversible precious moments with their grandparents would not have happened.

There are many more reasons why I am happy homeschooling. But these are the main reasons for me.

Bev,homeschool mom of 4 kids since 2007









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