We believe that parents have the right in educating their child because they are the ones who care about the future of their child more than anyone else.

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is educating a child in his/her home usually with the parent as a teacher. However, learning is not limited inside the home. Learning can be done through field trips, travels, outreaches, extra-curricular activities and the like. Teaching style is very flexible based on your child’s learning style and interest. There is no fixed way of teaching your child because each child is unique. The curriculum is already provided and the parent will teach the topics in his/her creative way that will interest the child.

What are the benefits of Homeschooling?

As parents, you get to…

1. Transfer your values to your children without them being confused on who to believe, the teacher or the parent. In Homeschooling the teacher is the parent.
2. Show your children that learning can be fun and exciting.
3. Build a long lasting relationship with your children.
4. Tailor-fit your teaching to your children’s dominant learning styles.
5. Give your children a personal attention in any subject with which they excel or have difficulty.
6. Create a flexible schedule according to your and your children’s needs.
7. Protect your children from the negative influences they may encounter in a regular school.
8. Teach more effectively through one-on-one sessions.
9. Have more time nurturing your children’s natural (musical, artistic, mathematic) talents so they thrive and grow.
10. Spend everyday joys of life with your children who will cherish these unreversible times when they grow up.
11. Share the joy of empowering and teaching your children with your spouse.
12. Making vacations and simple trips educational.

Will my child be socially abnormal due to “lack of socialization”?

Not at all! Because of your homeschool bonding, your child will grow confident, loving, friendly and secured. To compensate for the “lack of socialization”, you can engage your child in interesting extracurricular activities where he/she has classmates. You can make these activities part of his/her curriculum. Example, a new sport he loves can be part of his P.E. Music lessons can be part of his Music class. Art lessons under Art. Graphic design lessons under the Computer subject. There your child can meet peers and new friends.

Can An Ordinary Parent Homeschool?

Deped requires a parent or tutor to be a college graduate to teach the homeschooled student.

Under the Alternative Student-Paced program, it is more liberal. Being a parent, you are already homeschooling unconsciously since your child’s birth. By teaching your child to communicate, make his first steps, distinguishing what is good and bad, you are already qualified to teach your child.

We will guide you and support you on teaching your child.

Can I start at any month? Or does it have to be June?

Under the Deped-accredited Program, June is the start of the school year.

Under the Alternative Student-Paced Program, you can start and end anytime.

Can a working parent homeschool?

Because homeschooling is very flexible you can set your own schedule.

Teaching your child DOES NOT NEED to be 8 hours a day like regular schools. Regular schools need long hours to organize big numbers of students. Unlike them, homeschool can less than 8 hours per day because you are handling only one child or one child at a time. It can be done after supper and you may opt to give an assignment for the next morning to check in the evening session. Reward the child of leisure time when he can pursue his interests and hobbies while you are out working.

If your work allows, you can bring your child with you and teach “practical, financial, career or business lessons” while working.

HAP empowers parents to flexibly mold homeschooling to their family’s lifestyle.


Can I hire a Tutor?

Yes you can hire a tutor.  The parent must oversee the tutor and the child’s learning. If it works for your child then go ahead but if it does not, then you can change tutor or teach the child yourself.

How much will it cost?
Please click here to get the estimated cost

Does HAP accept students from any part of the world?
Yes, HAP accepts students from any country provided the report card is translated into English.

Will my child be accepted in the regular school after finishing the homeschool program?

If you will transfer to a Deped-accredited school, yes because it also comes from a Deped-accredited school. If you will transfer in a country other than the Philippines, it will depend on the receiving school. It is recommended that you check with the non-Philippine school first and ask them if they accept a Philippine report card.

Under the Alternative Student-Paced program, it is the sole discretion of the receiving school if they will accept or not. It is recommended that you check with the school first. From the past, the alternative transcripts were accepted by schools in countries like the Philippines, Switzerland, US and Canada.

Have you always wanted to try home schooling but were afraid it would be too hard?

Well now is your chance to find out the A to Z’s of home schooling and why and how your child and you will benefit from it!

Here are resources that will give you much information to make the decision on whether home schooling is for you and your kids or not. Click here to access them.