Unlike traditional schools that standardize students causing stress, HAP offers simple self-paced homeschool pre-school and K12 programs accessible via the internet.

Unlike other homeschool programs, we allow working parents and tutors to teach the student. We also accept all religions and we do not impose any religion. We respect and do not discriminate families based on their spiritual beliefs.

HAP aims schooling to be fun. Not to be bound by time nor place. Not to be dominated by a dictator teacher but motivated by self. Where students follow and choose what to learn and are respected individually. Where there is no competition. Where all students are honored. Where parents are guides. Where there is no deadline, no pressure and no strict requirements. Where all knowledge is internalized not memorized. Where all lessons make sense and empowering. Where critical thinking is encouraged not just blind obedience. When after graduation, the student is empowered in life to pursue one’s career or business.

By maximizing the use of technology, enrollments and payments can be done online. Lessons can be downloaded or accessed online too.

By respecting the pace of the student, you can finish as fast as you can or as slow as you need. Giving you time to pursue your interests and excel in enhancing your talents.

Examinations and grade computing are made simple to make it easy for first-time homeschoolers. A starter’s manual is supplied upon enrollment.


A more relaxed happy life.

A safe environment.

Happy memories with parents, siblings, relatives and even friends!

Happy bonding family times that can’t be rewinded.

Healing and time to recover. No more stress from the demands of traditional schooling.

Time of self-discovery to pursue one’s passion.

Relevant learnings that empower for the future. Gain updated information easily accessible online.

Academic records that can be accepted by international and local schools.* (See Disclaimer at the bottom)

Discount for siblings.

*DISCLAIMER: From our experience, international and local schools have accepted our academic records. However, acceptance will be the sole decision of the receiving school and HAP is not liable to their decision. We recommended that you call your preferred school to ask if they accept a US transcript.