Homeschool of Asia Pacific- K12 Homeschool Homestudy Program for families of the Philippines

1. US Student-Paced Homeschool Program
(Preschool and K12 Open All-Year Round)

For students who will study abroad, in international schools or Philippine colleges that accept foreign students .

Students are enrolled in a US affiliate school in Texas.

This is non-Deped-accredited but it is a more authentic homeschooling program.

School transcript can optionally be authenticated in the US. Processing fee applies.

2. Philippine Homeschool Program
(Closing By July 30! For Preschool to Grade 10 only)

Enrollment in a Deped-recognized Christian school in Cavite. Fixed schoolyear but minimal schedule of submission to keep it stress-free. Report card automatically accepted by Philippine schools if transferring.

*DISCLAIMER: From our experience, international and local schools have accepted our academic records. However, acceptance will be the sole decision of the receiving school and HAP is not liable to their decision. We recommended that you call your preferred school to ask if they accept a US transcript.