Jillian Ward graduated with 1st Honor from the HAP US Highschool Program in June 2023

Finish School the HAPPY Way!

Are you stressed or having a hard time attending the regular school setup? 
Want to finish school at home in a more relaxed way and with simple academic requirements? 
Want to graduate stress-free, according to your pace and your interests? 

If you said yes to any of these, HAP, (Homeschool of Asia Pacific) in the Philippines, can help you.


  1. Personalized individualized learning.  Unlike online classes, the  parent teaches the student one-on-one in person face to face.  If you can't teach your child, we can recommend online tutors or you can hire your own. Still it will be one-on-one even if it's online.

  2. Flexible Schedule.  The student and parent/teacher agree to a common schedule that is convenient for both of them.

  3. Our US Program Enrollment is all-year-round. Start and finish anytime. No deadline and pressure to finish a level .  Learn at your own pace. Study what really interests you as extracurricular actvities under the Music, Art and PE subjects. The US program uses a US-based curriculum and students are enrolled under our affiliate in Texas, USA

  4. No stressful group online classes.   Online classes may cause student burn out if classes are too frequent and too demanding in terms of schedule and technical requirements. We use downloadable ebooks that can be studied anytime anywhere even if you are offline.

  5. Our PH Deped-accredited program (Philippine Program) has simple academic requirements that let students finish a level in a more relaxed way.  Easily and automatically be transferred from our homeschool program to regular schools in the Philippines if needed.  Enrollment is according to the Deped schoolyear.

  6. Study from anywhere anytime. Whether you are in the Philippines or in another country, you can enroll in any of our homeschool programs.
  7. Delayed in school? We have an Acceleration Program under the US Homeschool Program . Whether elementary or highschool, the student is given the chance to catch up with the level he/she wants to finish. 

  8. Have failing grades?  HAP gives a second chance to students who received failing grades from their previous school. Take and pass those subjects under our US Homeschool Program and finish that level. 

  9. We accept students of all religion. No religion imposed. We don't hardsell nor preach our beliefs to you. We respect your beliefs. Thus, we do not have a Religion subject but you can still teach your beliefs under the Values Education subject.

  10. Reliable Homeschool Provider in Philippines. With tried and tested home education program . HAP has been helping Filipino homeschoolers since 2009 (that's over a decade!).

  11. For Overseas Filipinos, our tuition fees are more practical and lower than international schools abroad.  Furthermore, our homeschool programs can preserve Filipino values and culture even though you are in a different country.

  12. Dual Enrollment in  both US & Philippine Homeschool programs is possible. Transfer smoothly to both US and Philippine schools after finishing a level.

Some of our HAPPY Students from the Philippines

Jillian Ward
US Program

Bailey May
US Program

Kyle Echarri
US Program


  • A safe environment
  • Authentic learning
  • A more relaxed happy life
  • Happy bonding family times that you can’t rewind
  • Healing and time to recover
  • No more stress from the demands of traditional schooling
  • Self-discovery and self-fulfillment pursuing one’s passion
  • Gained academic records that were accepted by international and local schools

    Some of the schools that accepted our 
    HAP US Program Students:

    Ateneo de Manila 
    Ateneo de Davao 
    University of Asia & the Pacific
    Enderun Colleges
    Treston College
    The One School
    MINT College
    Southville International School & Colleges
    South Mansfield College 
    AMA University
    CAP College
    Trinity University of Asia 
    Malayan Colleges Mindanao
    San Beda College 
    University of Sto.Tomas 
    De La Salle-College of St. Benilde
    De La Salle University

    Some were also accepted in schools abroad such as:

    Edith Cowan University (Australia)
    Griffith University (Australia)
    York University (Canada)
    Masaryk University (Czech Republic)
    Manipal University (Dubai)
    Bavarian International School (Germany)
    Nakamura College (Japan)
    IE University (Spain)
    University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (Switzerland)
    Arizona State University (USA)
    California State University (USA)
    The New School- Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts (New York, USA) 
    New York University (USA)
    University of Arizona (USA)

    **DISCLAIMER: From our experience, schools have accepted our academic records however, acceptance is the sole discretion of the receiving school. HAP is not liable to their decision if they don't accept. Please call your preferred school and ask if they accept a US transcript if you plan to enroll in the US homeschool program.

    HAP has been offering student-paced homeschool programs to students in and out of the Philippines for more than a decade since 2009.

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